What is a 'Sealed Bid Sale'?

A Sealed Bid Sale means that no one knows what anyone else is bidding. Each bidder places a private bid based on their own assessment of the asset.

What does 'as is, where is' mean?

No warranties, expressed or implied, by Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC, are made as to the condition of any asset offered and no adjustments will be made once the asset has left the storage facility.

When does the bidding end?

Midnight, eastern standard time, on the date indicated.

I bid on a boat last night, when will I know the status of my bid?

Bids are accepted through midnight, eastern time on the date indicated. You receive a confirmation email of the bid that you placed. The bid can also be seen in ‘My Salvage’. Your bid will remain on record until the bidding ends.

What does 'Bidding Ended' mean?

Bidding has ended and no additional bids are being accepted at this time. Bids are reviewed by Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC to determine the winning bidder or if the bid period should be extended.

What does 'Pending Sale' mean?

A winning bid has been accepted. The bidder has been notified and we are awaiting payment. No further bidding is accepted.

What is "required to register?"

In order to take part in our on-line bidding process, you must register your contact information. There is no fee to register with Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC.

Do I need to make a deposit to register or place a bid?

No. No deposit is required to register or place a bid.

How do I place a bid?

You must be registered on our website to place a bid. Follow the login instructions.

What is the minimum bid amount?

The minimum bid amount is an amount placed on an asset to serve as a guide for novice bidders. Most assets bring considerably more than the minimum bid and the minimum bid amount does not obligate Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC to sell the asset.

Does the minimum bid amount change as bids are received?

The minimum bid amount does NOT reflect the current bid.

Can I place a bid below the minimum?

You cannot place a bid below a minimum. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Can the storage facility give me details about the asset?

No. These facilities are contracted for storage purposes only. They are not to provide information regarding the previous or current condition of the asset. Contact Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC for any and all questions.

How do I go about visiting a vessel?

You must obtain a waiver form from Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC. This form is available on every asset on the website. Should the form not be available, please contact us either by email ([email protected]), or by calling (860) 395-4745. The waiver form must be completed and transmitted back to Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC and must be presented to the storage facility in order to personally inspect an asset.

Can I hook up batteries to the boat for testing purposes, and/or perform any other work before the bid deadline?

Due to insurance regulations and safety liability at our storage faclities, no work of any kind may be performed by a potential bidder. Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC performs mitigating work deemed necessary prior to placing an asset out to bid.

How do I know if I won the bid?

The winning bidder will be notified by email.

How do I pay for the asset if I am the winning bidder?

We DO NOT accept credit cards. At this time we accept wire transfer only. The instructions will be provided to you in the Bid Award Terms and Conditions.

How soon do I have to pick up a boat once I have paid for it?

CCSS, LLC will pay storage for up to 10 days from the date a boat is awarded to you.

How are taxes collected?

All taxes are to be paid by the buyer in the state where the purchase occurred. CCSS, LLC assumes no responsibility to determine whether any taxes are due on said purchase and we assume no liability for non-payment.

How do I know if the trailer is included?

If a trailer is included, it will be listed with a separate set of specifications under "trailer information". Please look carefully for "NO TRAILER" as most of our assets are NOT sold with a trailer.

Why would a bid not be accepted even if it is over the minimum?

This is not an absolute auction. We retain the right to accept or reject any and all bids. Please review "What is the minimum bid amount," above.

Why would a bid deadline change?

Rarely does a bid deadline change. At times, we are forced to amend a bid deadline date. We reserve the right to re-list an asset if additional information is obtained.

What kind of selling paperwork comes with the sale?

If the vessel is sold in a title state, you will receive a title. If it is a registration state, you will receive a registration and a Bill of Sale. If it is documented with the United States Coast Guard, you will receive a USCG Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Documentation. Please note that all selling paperwork is made out in the name and address of the registered bidder. No exceptions are made.

How long until I get my paperwork?

All documents requiring signatures must be received at Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC. In some cases, the paperwork could be delayed and we reserve the right to have 90-120 days from the date of sale to get the paperwork to you.

Why do you recommend that I visit the vessel?

Caveat emptor is Latin for "let the buyer beware." Make your own assessments of all assets prior to engaging in the bidding process.

If a survey has been done, can I have a copy?

A survey is proprietary information. It is owned by the insurance company and not available to the public. Our descriptions are based on the survey.

Who can register and/or bid on our website?

Are you interested in a salvage asset? If so, you can register to bid on our website. We allow dealers, individuals, old, young, tall and short. There are no restrictions. Make sure to sign up for our email blast to receive auction updates and special offers. Also, be sure to add cooperss.com to your approved sender list.

Do you have to have a dealer license to bid?

No. Bidding is open to all who follow the Terms and Conditions.