Featured Assets

Baudouin 1500 Hp / Diesel Engine

(2) Man 1550 Hp

Riva / Rivarama

Nautique / G25 Coastal

Galleon / 375 Gto

Palm Beach / Pb 55

Post / Convertible

Yellowfin / Cc

Because these are salvage items, asset pricing is based on three factors:



Salvage Value


Why buy salvage from CCSS, LLC? A boat is a fiberglass shell fitted with components that can be bought out of a supply house catalog. Refitting a quality piece of salvage with new components is viable and often times cost effective, leaving you with a product superior to the same asset that was undamaged.


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I wanted to take a few minutes to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the quality of service I have received over the years. I have been doing business with Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC since 2000 and have purchased well over 60 different items from them. I have bought everything from jet skis to yachts to diesel engines. Through my relationship with Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC, I was able to purchase my dreamboat that would have otherwise been out of my reach. Thank you for the all around great service. I am a loyal Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC customer and will remain so in the future.

  • Matt W.

I have been dealing with Cooper Capital for almost 15 years. Every transaction I have had with them has been handled professionally and proceeded without difficulty. My latest purchase was a 74’ Spencer Sport fisherman located in Puerto Rico. We had the boat temporarily patched and shipped to Philadelphia, PA. We then towed her to our repair yard using our 91’ Burger, which I purchased from Cooper back in 2003!

  • John Patnovic
  • Chestertown, MD

I run a small boat repair and sales facility in Bristol, RI and have purchased several boats from Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC for reconditioning. I have always found Cooper to be a terrific source for the types of watercraft that I can market in my area.

  • Dave Parker, Parker Marine
  • Bristol, RI

I am a boat repairer in Sweden and I have tried to work with several of the salvage companies in the United States and have found CCSS, LLC to be the most friendly, straightforward, and honest, of the group. I have bought several boats from them and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Jonny Lagg, Lagg's Marine
  • Boxholm, Sweden

I never had the opportunity to thank you for what you do. You got one excellent operation with a wonderful staff that makes you and your Company stand out in the industry......Keep it up......you guys are some of the good things that come out of a natural disaster......

  • Manny

I own a boat and heavy equipment repair facility in the Seattle area and I have worked with CCSS,LLC for the past five years. Our company has bought and provided services for CCSS, LLC and have always considered them to be in a league of their own. We work with insurance companies and vendors every day, but rarely find a company with as much integrity as Cooper Capital.

  • Bruce Hood, Central Collision
  • Kent, WA